Online Casinos in Minnesota 2023 – A Guide to Gambling in Minnesota

As internet wagering spreads throughout the United States, more states are loosening restrictions on online casinos. Minnesota is not one of them, at least not at this time. The Gopher State has a more conservative stance on wagering in general.

Our Reviews of Online Casinos in Minnesota

Actually, gambling in Minnesota is not particularly restricted. There are numerous brick and mortar casinos in the state. In Minnesota, obtaining a wagering license is also not difficult. Waiting is the greatest issue with that. The casinos in Minnesota offer a variety of entertainment options, such as progressive jackpot machines and blackjack. Here you can also find poker, baccarat, and other entertaining activities. Continue reading to learn more about online and offline resources. There are currently no policies in Minnesota that legalize online casinos. The concept of gambling was progressively introduced to the populace. In the 1940s, bingo and raffles were made permissible, followed by horse racing and live betting in the 1980s. There is also pari-mutuel wagering, which typically has a low limit. Daily Fantasy Sports have recently been added to the equation, and you can play it online. Currently, Native Americans operate the majority of casinos in Minnesota. The state rarely intervenes and does not pursue expansion. Everything is under control, including the table diversions. Popular games such as craps and roulette remain illegal in this jurisdiction. Along with racetracks and smaller gambling clubs, standard slot machines are lawful.

Legal Status Of Land-Based And Online Casinos In Minnesota


Despite having a conservative view of wagering, the state permits numerous forms of gaming. A Minnesota gambling license will enable you to conduct the majority of activities in the state. In addition, there is a state lottery, which is not affiliated with the national Powerball or Mega Millions. One of the most frequently asked inquiries by players is whether or not online casinos are permitted in Minnesota. The response is no. However, state laws do not criminalize participating in such a game. While there are no regulated online casinos in Minnesota, no one has confronted serious legal consequences for participating in one. Online casinos in other states might still permit Minnesota players. One of the disadvantages of playing at these offshore casinos is that you may not be legally insured against potential financial losses. If you are unsure of the dangers, you should play offline games at one of Minnesota’s casinos. In the meantime, the state offers a variety of other electronic entertainment options.


In the 1940s, bingo and lotteries were legalized, but little has changed since then. A standard assortment of these activities can be found in Minnesota’s casinos and small clubs. In Minnesota, residents may also conduct private bingo games or raffles without a gambling license.

The nations operate over 20 casinos on land, including the renowned Canterbury Park and Fortune Bay resorts. They provide the majority of classic table games, including online Blackjack, Poker, and slot machines. Craps and roulette are not permitted online.

A few racetracks offer extremely thin wagering options. The action is still enjoyable, but the payouts will not be life-changing.

Fantasy Sports/Football is accessible in Minnesota. Attorneys and sports enthusiasts exerted considerable effort to obtain this privilege, but we succeeded. Legislators are reportedly working on potential online sports betting regulations.

Today’s Land-Based Gambling In Minnesota

Casino County Unique FeaturesCasino Games

Cathedral ParkShakopee The horse racing and pokerThe racetrack

30 Poker Tables

Casino of Fond-Du-LuthDuluth Slot Machines, Poker650 Slots

4 Table Games

Fortune Bay Resort Tower, Slot machines, and Table games850 Slots

10 Table Games

4 Poker Tables

Royal Casino Hinckley Bingo, Spa, Poker, Slot Machines in Hinckley2100 Slots

25 Table Games

Black Bear LodgeCarlton Slots, Poker, Bingo, Hotels1,800 Slots

14 Table Games

Legislation Regarding Online Gambling In Minnesota

Even with a Minnesota gambling license, it is illegal to own or operate an online casino. The government discourages all online activities that are regarded “games of chance.” This is where things become complicated, as there is nothing in state law that criminalizes such conduct. In fact, there have been very few felony cases involving online casino gambling in Minnesota, unless it involved significant fraud or money laundering. That is not to mean that you can simply die on the internet. In Minnesota, gambling does not include restricted activities. If a player chooses to participate online, he or she forfeits any legal protection against financial fraud. All other losses incurred will also be their responsibility. In Minnesota, licensed operators also risk losing their gambling license. The federal government classifies as wagering any activity whose outcome involves an element of chance. Some of these games, including poker and blackjack, may rely more on player skill than on chance. They are still, by definition, considered wagering. Roulette and craps are examples of games of sheer chance that are prohibited in all Minnesota casinos. You could argue that throwing dice requires strategies, and you would be correct. However, these strategies focus primarily on chip placement and not the game’s mechanics. Nevertheless, players can still appreciate social casinos and social gambling apps in which no real money is wagered on casino games. These sites are only used for recreation and practice. A few examples of games of chance are merchandise boards, coin boards, and seal cards (NY CLS Gen Mun 186(3)).



What do I need to understand about Online Casinos in Minnesota?

The state has strict gambling regulations that severely restrict online casino activities; the minimum age to gamble in Minnesota casinos is 18, and games of pure chance, such as roulette and craps, are illegal in the Gopher State.

Numerous forms of lawful gambling are available to residents, including slot machines, poker, and blackjack. Bingo, lotteries, and other forms of light betting such as pari-mutuel and daily fantasy sports are also permitted.

What It Means For Minnesota Players Under Offshore Casino Gambling Laws

Gambling in Minnesota includes activities permitted in tribally operated casinos. Anything in excess of that is illegal. State regulations do not apply to online casinos operating outside of state borders. However, the further you travel from home, the dirtier it becomes. While nobody is pursuing you with laser sights, we strongly discourage aimless wandering in Las Vegas.


Online Gambling for Minnesota

Regarding land-based wagering, Minnesota is a relatively liberal state. Residents are permitted to play a variety of games, including slot machines, poker, and baccarat, at casinos in Minnesota. State-sponsored activities such as the lottery and bingo are also common. You may host any of these activities in Minnesota if you have a gambling license, with the exception of slot machines, which are only permitted in tribal establishments. Depending on their capacity, small card clubs are restricted in the number of spinners they may have. No provisions permit online gambling. Online casinos in Minnesota that operate outside the state may provide a vast selection of games. These include video poker, progressive slots, roulette, and blackjack. Your only other option is to play casino games for free on social wagering websites, where no real money is involved. In the land of a thousand lakes, there are a few racetracks, one of which is Canterbury Park. Some of them offer mid-stakes wagering and online wagering and monitoring. Daily Fantasy Sports is another form of online gambling that requires significantly more skill than fate.

Banking Options At Online Casinos In Minnesota


MasterCard/Visa casinos are the most prevalent payment method when playing at an online casino in Minnesota. There are a multitude of other options that facilitate seamless transactions. Some may require more time than others, depending on where you perform.


PayPal Casinos

Skrill Casinos

Neteller Casinos

EcoPayz Casinos

Online casinos that accept Bank Wire Transfer transactions

However, none of the above payment methods are accepted at online casinos in Minnesota, where it is unlawful to gamble online. If you are playing in a state where it is legal to gamble in Delaware and Pennsylvania casinos, you will find a variety of payment methods listed in our casino reviews.


Minnesota Online Casinos FAQs

Are online casinos permitted in Minnesota?

Gambling in Minnesota is relatively unrestricted so long as it takes place in a physical casino. Online wagering is not, however. No current laws criminalize online gaming, nor do they promote it. Do not presume that online gambling is legal simply because no one has been charged with a crime. You may be the luckiest person alive.


Are online casinos permitted in Minnesota?

No. Possessing or operating an online gambling site in Minnesota is prohibited and carries severe penalties.


Can I gamble at an online casino from my smartphone or tablet in Minnesota?

There are no online casinos in Minnesota that operate within state borders, so you cannot participate on any of their apps. Some legitimate activities, such as horse racing and daily fantasy sports, offer mobile casino options. If these are of interest to you, you should investigate further.


What casino games can I play at online casinos in Minnesota?

While there is no legitimate online casino in Minnesota, some land-based establishments offer mobile gaming. Others are social casino applications or websites. Downloadable software for playing digital versions of consumer favorites such as slots and blackjack. These activities do not cost or award real money, so they do not violate the law.


Can dollars be used to play online casino games?

Online casinos are known to offer a variety of payment methods and currencies. The US dollar is one of the most favored and widely used currencies. You can use dollars to wager on contests in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In Minnesota, the answer is no. Nearly every other online merchant accepts the United States dollar.


Are these online casinos in Minnesota regulated?

All of the casinos listed on this website are regulated and safe.


Am I eligible for an online casino incentive at a casino in Minnesota?

Every online casino must offer bonuses. Whether it’s a welcome incentive or free spins, you can anticipate receiving additional compensation as a customer. If you encounter an operator who does not offer incentives, they are likely not reputable. Frequently, casino incentives come with wagering requirements and other stipulations. Ensure you have read and comprehended the provisions prior to making a financial commitment.


How do I begin gambling for real money at an online casino in Minnesota?

As the state does not permit online casino gambling, there is no means to begin playing in one. There are additional mobile and online activities available. They consist of pari-mutuel wagering, horse racing, and Daily Fantasy Sports. These games are extensively regulated, so you should not be surprised to encounter betting limits or other restrictions.


What are the most prevalent online casino payment methods in Minnesota?

Since online casinos are prohibited in Minnesota, there is no pertinent information regarding payment methods. PayPal and credit cards are the most common payment options for online horse race and DFS wagering.


In Minnesota, am I required to pay taxes on my gambling winnings?

Yes. Casino profits are considered income and are therefore subject to taxation. Any quantity of winnings must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. These include gambling machines, poker (tournament and cash), and the lottery in particular.


Play At A Real Money Casino In Minnesota And Win A Large Amount!

Legalization of online gambling in Minnesota faces obstacles, but the situation is not dire. Attorneys and gaming enthusiasts have worked closely with the state to resolve the situation. Residents may one day have access to a legitimate online casino in Minnesota. In the interim, experience land-based activities at the state’s large and magnificent tribal casinos.

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