Set limits before excluding yourself from online play

If ฝาก 50 รับ 150 ไม่ทำเทิร์น you don’t want to become a problem gambler, you can set gambling limits at online casinos. Setting limits is the perfect step to avoid a potential gambling addiction. You can set limits to keep tabs on your behavior. The online casinos we recommend offer a responsible gaming program. Gambling is fun and we want it to be fun for you. That’s why we talk more about setting limits while you’re playing. It’s smart to set limits when you’re on a small budget or when you know you’re sensitive to addictions. Always set a budget when you start gambling at an online casino. You can set this budget on the website itself. When you reach that budget, the casino freezes your account for a certain period.

Maximum bet limit per round
You can set a maximum betting limit to protect yourself from risking higher amounts per bet or per spin. This is the perfect solution if you like to play slot machines. You can set the value of R$ 8 per round for example. When you win and want to increase your bet, you will receive a message and the casino will then deny your request.

set time limit
Betting can end up costing you a lot of time. The time you usually use for work or the time you could spend with your family could end up being reversed. Once you start playing casino games, you can totally forget about your time. Games will get all your attention and you may forget that you have other things to do. You can use the time limit when you want to set a number of minutes you want to play before the game stops. The casino will stop the game when you reach the time limit.

deposit limit
You can set a deposit limit at online casinos. Let’s make a comparison with a traditional casino. When you visit a land-based casino, you have a certain value in mind and only bring in the amount of money you want (and can) lose. If you lose that money, then you stop playing at the casino. At an online casino, you can set this budget in your account (below you see an example). Set a deposit amount during a certain period.

When you reach this limit, you will receive a message from the casino. You cannot make any additional deposits. This is the perfect solution for players who have a monthly income and only want to use a part of the money, a part they can afford to lose. These players can set a maximum deposit amount per month.

deposit limit set self-exclusion in online casino
loss limit
You are able to set loss limits at the best online casinos . In your account, you can set daily, weekly and monthly loss limits. When you reach the limit, you will receive a message from the casino. From that moment on you will no longer be able to place bets.

Loss limits are based on the total result of bets in a given period. It’s your starting balance minus the stakes. If you set a loss limit at €400 and bet €4.00 per spin, your remaining loss limit will decrease to €1.00 per spin. After 1 spin, your remaining loss limit is €396. If you win €8 on your next spin, your loss limit will increase by €8. In this case, your remaining loss limit will be €404 .

betting limits
Set an amount that you can bet in a certain period. When you reach the betting limit, you will receive a message from your casino. Then it is no longer possible to continue playing or placing more bets.

Betting is something different from losing money. Few people use this limit because you can bet R$4000 while losing only R$40. You can better use the Limit Loss option.

Can I exclude friends or family from your online gambling?
When you realize that a person close to you is having problems involving an addiction, you usually organize an intervention with your friends or family and confront that person. Show the person the problems the addiction is causing you. Intervene with him or her and talk about financial problems, lies, and other ravages that addiction can cause. That person may qualify for a self-exclusion.

It would be great if you could use the personal deletion program to delete this person from the games. However, this is not possible because self-exclusion programs can only be activated at the player’s initiative. If the player does not want to participate in the exclusion program, you cannot force them.

The only thing you can do is ask the player to give you all their logins at online casinos. Together with the player, you can access accounts and activate the self-exclusion program.

Is self-exclusion an effective way to prevent gambling addiction?
Self-exclusion at an online casino is a good start. There is some research that says that the self-exclusion program is just a short-term solution to the gambling problem. There are several alternative options for problem players. When you exclude yourself from online gambling, you can always visit a land-based casino. Players who have excluded themselves from online casinos and casinos can continue to gamble at local illegal bookmakers. They can also visit bars and restaurants with gambling machines.

“A person who wants to gamble will always find a way to gamble”

Talking and being honest with your friends and family is a much more effective way to avoid gambling problems. They can help you solve your problems and they can also analyze your financial situation. Your family can control your money and bank accounts. If you don’t have money, you won’t be able to play.

How long does a self-exclusion last?
This is with you. You can set the self-exclusion period in your casino account. In most online casinos, the minimum period is 6 months and the maximum period is 5 years. You can also delete your account when you want to be permanently deleted from an online casino.

Is it possible to reopen my account during the exclusion period?
It is not possible to reopen your account at online casinos if you have excluded yourself from gambling at that casino. Before excluding yourself, you can set periods. The minimum self-exclusion period at online casinos is 6 months. After this period, you will only be able to reopen your account when you contact the casino. You can ask the casino to reopen your account. Also, the casino will not reopen your account instantly. You always have a period of time before the casino reopens your account.

Can I exclude myself from all online casinos?
You cannot exclude yourself from all casinos at once. When you wish to exclude yourself from online gambling, we recommend that you activate the self-exclusion program at all online casinos where you have an account. UK players can create an account on . These programs can help you and exclude yourself from all online casinos with a UKGC license.

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